With over 1.1 billion Facebook users and over 500 million users on Twitter, social media is playing an increasing important role online.

Here are three ways to generate more business through social channels:

  1. Never stop communicating 
    Customers may not be ready to act now, but by interacting with them, you will be top of mind when they need to hire or buy.  Regular social media activity is also a great way of keeping close to your current consumer base. It helps develop loyalty and repeat business from your customers and helps you hear your customers.
  2. Show great customer service
    For service-oriented businesses, customer service can be a huge differentiator. Using social media to address customer feedback publicly, and positively, can instill trust in people looking to hire.
  3. Showcase your work 
    Pictures and blog posts help customers get familiar with you and the work that you do. If a customer sees high quality content, they’ll feel like they know (and trust) your business when they decide to buy.

Credit: Kudzu.com