So today we caught wind that Google’s latest Chrome browser (version 56) will be released sometime on or around January 31st 2017. There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. Starting with this release, any website NOT secured with an SSL will start displaying a “Not Secure” message in the address bar on pages that collect data (contact forms, passwords, etc). This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it.

This is but ONLY the first step in Google’s evil master plan to “SECURE” the world wide interwebs… Whether you want to (or even need to) secure your website or not!

Eventually ALL website pages will be labeled with the not so friendly “NOT SECURE” (pictured left).

In fact, Google’s not waiting at all! Just last week we noticed that one of our clients was getting search result listings on Google to secure (https) links… The problem is, they DON’T have an SSL certificate, so all traffic to their site was greeted with a “Website Not Secure” page (pictured right), sending their visitor running for the virtual hills!

What does this mean for you?

Well, like stated above, all your pages will start to show as “Not Secure” INCLUDING your contact forms and WordPress Login pages! I don’t know about you, but MOST people won’t fill out a contact form on a website when their browser is telling them it’s not secure. Visitors will think your site has been somehow compromised and you’ll begin to lose business. Considering the clock is ticking down until Google’s release date on the 31st, you have less than 2 weeks, so you should start taking steps to secure your website today.

If we host your website and you already have an SSL certificate on your website, congrats, you’re all set and have nothing to worry about. If you don’t make sure to call us at 352-684-4976 to order an SSL certificate for your website ASAP!